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silk flowers

The know-how of silk flowers is very ancient, Italian and French. Centuries old. The past is interesting but we prefer to live with the present. To reproduce ancestral gestures in the same way is a beautiful thing for a museum but it is not a proof of evolution. Some things remain unchanged: looking for inspiration, cutting petals or leaves, preparing fabrics, dyeing, assembling elements, ... But today, this know-how can live differently. The flowers can become a more abstract form, a design element. Materials can change: silk, different types of fabrics or plastics, metal, resins, polymers, waxes, ... The tools are perfectible and the techniques improve. Colors and effects can be the craziest. This fashion technique can be used for interior design, luxury shop decoration, for all the most extraordinary projects.

We work with the best fabrics and leathers suppliers in France, Italia or UK.


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We source the better feathers and we control the origin of the products (without origin of wild animals). 

Natural feathers need to be carefully cleaned and sometimes dyed. It's not an easy material to use because it takes a lot of preparation.

Feather-work is a composition work with collage or sewing. The feathers can be mixed with other materials : fabrics, beads, sequins, fur,...

If a single feather immediately makes one think of a bird, the feather-work offers amazing results. 

The feathers seem fragile but it is actually very resistant.There are feather-works very ancient, more than seven centuries old. The feather is undoubtedly a magic material.

Does not it enable the birds to fly?...


We have a small dyeing unit. It does not allow us to dye large pieces of fabric because it is not our job. We can dye :

- hand-made, petals and leaves for example, in natural or synthetic materials, plain or gradient, transparent or opaque and with all kinds of chromatic effects.

- in a special dyeing bath, small pieces to embroider in natural or plastic materials, feathers, ...

We decided to create this dyeing unit because it is sometimes necessary to dye small items of the same color as the fabric and especially for the millinery art when it's very important to respect a particular matching colors.

In short, we can try to dye a little bit of everything. We are also happy to experiment with new things because the art of dyeing is a real creative chemistry.

cutting & embossing

We have a hydraulic cutting machine in our workshop. With it, we cut medium-sized surfaces in thin or medium-thickness materials (such as thick leather).

A network of local artisans produces custom cutting tools for simple or complex shapes.

We also supervise laser engraving and cutting works because our workshop uses materials that must be cut with this technique. We plan to invest in a laser-cutting machine by the end of 2019.

The embossing of soft or thin materials is done by hand with special tools and molds. We can stamp fabrics or leathers (after starching), some plastics, very thin metal sheets, ...


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"parurerie", "bijoux fantaisie"

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