about the studio.


In Lisbon, and more precisely in Cacilhas, "on the other side of the Tejo", in the city of Almada.

From the Cais do Sodré river ship terminal, the ferry crossing takes us to the other shore, which contemplates the proud Lisbon.

After the chafariz, the old church, the cafe terraces, a street paved with "calçadas".

In an ordinary building with an architecture reminiscent of the Portuguese dictatorship.


Why here?

The people of Cacilhas have the generosity and the smile that the people of Lisbon had a few years ago.

The place is modest, it is as beautiful as humble.

There is no trendy concept stores, not yet.

Taking the boat is much more charming than stressing in the subway. Nine minutes of crossing, like a very short-movie between Fellini and Visconti, inspired by the ghost of Pessoa. 



Parisian designer based in the Principe Real district in Lisbon since two years. Loves Elsa Schiaparelli as a Goddess and thinks that Paris is at the same time the lung and the heart of Fashion.

Came to Lisbon to breathe the ocean air but remains passionately attached to his "esprit français". 

What is done in the workshop?

Luxury French stuff.

Very simple or very complex things with beads, feathers, yarns, fabrics, unpronounceable products and oddly named materials or mysterious tools. 

We sew, glue, drill, cut, burn, dye, paint, carve, sculpt, weld, embroider... and various know-how for which one day we will have to think about inventing a name.


For who?


For the Parisian Maisons de Couture, the international fashion designers in England, US or elsewhere, the luxury interior designers, architects and for those who have beautiful projects.

What are the plusses?


All designers should be able to have the necessary tools to follow up a special request.

If we do not have these tools, we get them, if we do not know how to do something, we search and find quickly.

Curiosity, tenacity, passion for experimentation, great rigor of execution, love of perfection...

What limit to creativity? The limit is inventiveness

Work with very short deadlines and always be at the customer's disposal: spontaneity and responsiveness. But first of all: listen and try to understand. Never forget that the boss is the customer. We must advise and assist but we must remain discreet because an idea must be built as would be built a desire.

A frustrated idea is a dead idea, a dispossession. To create is to overcome frustration.

When will it open?


This is not a shop, the work is done in the secret of the workshop.

The studio will begin its activity after the renovations in June 2019

As everyone knows, building works are always a very delicate nightmare.

Is it possible to visit?

If you are passionate about beautiful things, you are welcome (by appointment only). 

The studio will be accessible to fashion and design professionals and private persons who wish to carry out a personal project.

Really, why settle here?


The colors are always more "true" in Lisbon. It's a huge advantage.

The stormy days, there are jellyfish in the river. Amazing creatures.

It's enough to start a dream.

Please contact us if you have other questions.

job, collaboration.


Si vous pensez que notre savoir-faire correspond à des techniques pour lesquelles vous avez une certaine aisance professionnelle (maitrise de haut niveau des techniques du Luxe) contactez-nous. Nous répondrons dans tous les cas.

Nous vous prions d'envoyer votre CV et votre portfolio professionnel avec des photographies de détails de vos créations.

Nous sommes ouverts à tout type de collaboration si vos travaux présentent un intérêt pour nos projets.

If you think that our know-how corresponds to techniques you know and with which you have a real professional manner ((hight level of luxury techniques), you can contact us. We will answer in all cases.


Please, send your CV and a professional portfolio (with details pictures and not virtual simulations).

We are open to any type of collaboration if your know-how and your qualification are of interest for our projects.


The Nature is the noblest source of inspiration.